Mighty Leaf White Orchard Tea – Immersed in Freshness

Mighty White Orchard


: Okay right from the get go i knew that thisMighty Leaf White Orchard was going to be magical. I tore open the package all nonchalantly was blasted by the fragrant aroma of melon and something else that was sweet as apple pie. Taken aback, I quickly put some hot water to this Mighty Leaf tea. There is something about these Mighty Leaf sachets that brings the lovin out of these leaves, because once gain they got that flavor poppin once again! This white tea blend is amazing, boasting bold fruity notes out the yin yang. It is smooth, silky, and even gives an assist to easy steeping. Mighty Leaf, you earned Tea of the Month by a longshot.

Rating: A+


: Mighty Leaf White Orchard Tea is a white tea whose freshness is unrivaled, taste unbridled, and balance unstifled. The preceding sentence features parallel construction unparalleled. The most popular additive to white tea is melon, and this Mighty Leaf Tea is no different except that it also comes strong with the peach. The symbiosis of these three ingredients is a pursuasive argument for consumption. Lightly sweet and proudly aromatic, Mighty Leaf white tea brings it on home. Drinks up to your health, son.

Rating: A

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