Mighty Leaf Organic Detox Tea – Dipset Toxins ASAP

Mighty Detox


: Mighty Leaf Organic Detox is the mightiest of detox teas hitting you with the chamomile quickness. Like most detox blends, chamomile is the most vibrant flavor. After that this Mighty Leaf Teabreaks down into your usual undiscerning blend of herbs and spices that’s supposed to make you feel better, remove the toxins, and help you pass drug tests. I don’t know about the latter two but I had some Brown’s chicken and the former is true. Definitely helped settle my stomach after eating that greasy mess. In total, Mighty Leaf Organic Detox Tea provides a similar taste sensation as other detox teas except for one factor. Like usual, Mighty Leaf’singredients come hard with the freshness so even though I can’t identify each indivdial ingredient, I can tell you that this is the best detox tea I’ve ever tried. Not the best overall tea but if you’re looking to get an A- on a drug test, I guess this would be the way to go.

Rating: A


: Double Steep week in effect again, killing the tea review game. Steep for the game all day everyday.

So there comes a time an many people’s lives where the feel the need to detox. What better tea to do that with than Mighty Leaf organic detox tea? Well, hopefully whatever you are trying to get out of your body will listen to this detox tea and dipset on the dot. Unlike other detox teas, it seems that Mighty Leaf threw in some chamomile for an extra small plate throat reverb for added breadth, and trust me, I ain’t mad at them. Overall, the flavor is far from outstanding, and it smells and looks like a specimen from the forest, but it might help your system like blowing into your Nintendo.

Rating: B

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