Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast Tea – Steep-n-Share At Its Finest

Mighty EB


: Mighty Leaf English Breakfast tea has the tools necessary to reach the pinnacle of freshness and gently caress the sky on its ascent. What once was lost in quality breakfast tea has yet again been exhumed by Mighty Leaf. Way to go. Mighty Leaf tea is incredible and the tea snob-purists who tell you otherwise are just that: snobs. This English breakfast tea will have you crying tears of joy. Theblack tea used here is ultra fresh with a light smokey flavor and the sort of natural sweetness only a super high-end tea can bestow. Do yourself a favor and start steeping this on the daily if you one day hope to enter teasan’s paradise.

Rating: A+


: Mike and I got on the steep and share program with Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast. As you can see,Mighty Leaf tea has been showstopping with their stunna shades on for a while. Read the other Mighty Leaf tea reviews and see what’s good. In this case, Mighty Leaf Breakfast tea smashed the competition with a relentless fury of bold flavor and smoothability. This breakfast tea isn’t high on mesquite, but is beyond tasty. This tea nd Numi Chinese breakfast have significant differences, but Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast is right up there.

Rating: A+

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