Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist – A Spicy Boot To The Shorts

Mighty Ginger


: Mighty Leaf Ginger tea is a reality checkginger tea. some herbal teas like to use artificial flavorings, and clearly Mighty Leaf would never do such a thing. Artificially flavored ginger tea has an odd sweetness to it. Some teas, like the Octavia Ginger Tea, got the sweetness locked down naturally; this is a rare occurrence. This Mighty Leaf tea has the true ginger poppin, as the opening taster is smooth like their exquisite line of teas are supposed to be, with a spicy kick in the pants on the way out. Not too spicy, now, but just right. It’s amazing and true, Mighty Leaf is a guaranteed winner. Oh yea, and a half of a point deduction for that semi-chamomile feeling I got in the after-aftertaste.

Rating: A-


: Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist is the kind of ginger tea little boys and girls dream of becoming when they grow up, right along with fireman, astronaut, and professional athelete. I’m sorry, I am now receiving word from our sources on the ground that Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist is the kind of ginger tea little boys and girls dream of DRINKING when they grow up. We apologize for this mistake and the correction will be made on the transcript. Anyway, if you’re looking for a Mighty Leaf ginger tea popping with flavor, a nice citrusy lemongrasset (an asset made of lemongrass), strong fruit vibes, and a hint of mint then this Mighty Leaf teais for you.

Rating: A

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