Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea – Mike Says Chamomile Is Okay

Mighty Chamomile


: Double Steep Week continues here atTeaAmigos. Two, count em, two tea reviews a day; giving you a little more of what you love. It is now that Mighty Leaf did the unthinkable, they made achamomile tea that is actually quite tolerable. Usually that bad characteristics that plaugue manychamomile teas is the horrible chamomile burps and the “I just ate a pack of Halls” feeling in your throat.Mighty Leaf chamomile citrus tea was the greatest in the genre. They were on point when they thought of adding the zest of orange in the mix, as it dumbs down the chamomile flavor to a proper level, similar to when you add seltzer water to an alcoholic drink. thisMighty Leaf chamomile tea is a surefire way to get over your phobia of chamomile.

Rating: A-


: Aight, hear me out. I am not a fan of chamomile tea but wait till you try this one. That’s right, Mighty Leaf Citrus Chamomile has what takes to make a chamomile lover out of the most devoted camilla sinensis fanatic out there. The clarity of taste is unmatched: a grip of citrus flavor envelopes your tongue while a very subtle chamomile twang caresses those buds in this Mighty Leaf tea. Expertly brewed and unexectedly enjoyable, Mighty Leaf Citrus Chamomile elevates the game above the penthouse.

Rating: A+

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