Mighty Leaf African Nectar Tea – Organic Rooibos Perfection

Mighty African Nectar


: The easiest way to experience quality rooibos tea is to steep some of Mighty Leaf African Nectar Tea. I don’t know what elephant they rode in on, but it was packed heavy with flavor and enough rooibos to build a roof with. Mighty Leaf set the new standard once again with a classic tea that I didn’t even know existed. First, you feel the sun hit your back with its warm, bold body. Next, a little vanilla creeps into the scene by means of a slight “middle taste”. Now, completely appreciated, the aftertaste sets in just a microsecond after swallowing, featuring a cool sweetness that reminded me of cinnamon toast crunch. Why aren’t you drinking this Mighty Leafright now?

Rating: A


: Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar is an African herbal tea with a rooibos base. All I have to say is that this Mighty Leaf tea is nuts. I don’t particularly like rooibos tea because it usually tastes like a coniferous forest but this rooibos tea has mango, vanilla, and blossoms as side kicks. They block for the rooibos while it powers through and scores an 80 yard punt return. Upon sipping, you will taste the mango vanilla sweetness instantaneously with a wave of fresh rooibos following soon after. If you don’t like rooibos tea, this one will change your life. If you do, Mighty Leaf’s Organic African Nectar will make you a lover for life.

Rating: A+

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