Lipton Superfruit Mangosteen and Peach Green Tea – Super OK

Lipton SuperFruit Mangosteen


: Here’s something you don’t hear everyday, “Mmmm, this is a really good fruit salad but it needs a little mangosteen.” I was at the grocery store when I passed by Lipton Green Tea Superfruit with Mangosteen and Peach and I instantly knew that I was hook, line, and sinker for this. Who could resist a fruit that sounds like a mango with a yarmulke on top? The answer is no one because Lipton Green Tea Superfruit is a dynamo of mangosteen flavor. The green tea base is a little weak but it is made up for by this mysterious fruit which you can wikipedia like I did. Nothing really of note, just delicious and an ideal daily drinker.

Rating: A-


: Lipton is a tea brand that many people flock to, and others steer clear of. Gifted brought us someLipton Superfruit tea with hopes that the rep of regularability could be fixed. I have to say that thismangosteen and peach tea was pretty good. It is crisp and light like white tea, yet has a subtle fruit flavor that tiptoes around on your tongue. It isn’t as potent or identifiable as it could be, but what the fudge is a white mangosteen anyways. This is almost a daily drinker, but isn’t to me. Next time Lipton.

Rating: B

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