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Lipton Spiced Chai


: Hmmm, this Lipton Spiced Chai tea is interesting. It’s like being handed a blank piece of paper. Maybe chai tea just needs its best friendrooibos to bring th flavor home. Lipton tea is known for its “regular” nature, and their spiced chai tea is dead on, with normality. I even added some Moo-Moo creamer and sugar to the mix with lackluster results. Seriously it is as plain as it gets, hopefully the nextLipton tea review brings the noise a bit harder.

Rating: C-


: Lipton Spiced Chai Tea packs nothing unexpected. no ace up its sleeve, no brass knuckles, no rabbit in a hat. It is just your everyday chai tea. Lipton tea is not known for their shocking blends of specialty herbs and unique spices. Given this reputation, it is no surprise whatsoever that this spiced chai teafrom Lipton is just what you expect and nothing more. I added milk and sugar to spruce it up a bit. It transformed this bland chai tea into a tasty dessert beverage, so try that.

Rating: B-

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