Lipton English Breakfast Tea – Dribbles Out of Bounds

Lipton EB


: Lipton English Breakfast Tea is no walk in the park. I believe Dax couldn’t tough the whole cup out but I did so I got the full report on this Lipton Tea business. First, the Lipton English Breakfastdoes not resemble the other English Breakfast TeasI have encountered in my career as a gifted teasan. How’s it different? Damn plain, and none of the hickory smoked Southwest mesquitability I usually encounter. Points off. Then, another issue, lack of originality. Tastes no different than your run of the mill black tea. Therefore it’s drinkable but not memorable. In an industry where being memorable means everything, Lipton Tea delivers nothing…aka drops the ball, aka solid C.

Rating: C


: Lipton tea is fibbing a bit when it says that its English Breakfast is full bodied tea. What I got from it was a very promising mesquite flavor at first, then a bitter aftertaste that got worse and the drink goes on.Lipton English Breakfast tea is not a tea for the ages, but would satisfy your craving for regular tea. This was obtained from a gas station for free 99, and if it weren’t for the TeaAmigos I would have just got some Doritos.

Rating C-

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