LeafSpa Passionfruit Green Tea – Definitely Nectar

LeafSpa Passion


: When I tried LeafSpa Passionfruit green tea, it reminded me of the first time I ate a passion fruit. It was in the Domincan Republic enjoying a beautiful breakfast with my wife. This thing looks like someone blew their nose in a bald kiwi. I mean booger central inside. Regardless of the ghastly appearance, it tastes good. One might say it tastes fruity. Leafspa Passion Fruit Green Tea is one in the same boat. The green tea was light and fruity to match with the airy flavor of passion fruit.

I would have liked to taste bit more grassiness in the leaf, so sprinkle some sencha up in there if you hear me. As I let the steep wander down the long cold road below room temperature, the taste still permeated with quality, meaning a great iced tea can be made. No fireworks, but there was nice parade to celebrate this LeafSpa Tea.

Rating: A-


: Surprisingly, we’ve had a recent influx of passionfruit teas and for the most part they have been excellent <shamelessplug> speaking of passion fruit tea, you should checkout our Wiseman South Sea Magic </shamelessplug>. Today’s tea review is focusing on Leafspa Passion Fruit tea. Is it the nectar of the gods or centuar urine? You’re about to find out.

Leafspa Passionfruit Green Tea stands above the not-so-crowded passion fruit tea market for several reasons, not the least of which is the freshness and prevalence of it’s main component. In most passion fruit teas, the passionate berry which is the subject of this installment takes the backseat to other flavors like Steve Buscemi in The Big Lebowski. “Shut the f— up Donnie!” Leafspa tea really let’s the passionfruit breathe and there’s definitely enough passion to reach the pinnacle of daytime soaps. It’s also worth noting that Leafspa Passionfruit tea also leaves a refreshing but slightly dry sensation in the back of your throat. Partailly due to the oversteep, and partially due to my personal preference, you will get a slight parch. Don’t sweat it and give this green tea a shot.

Rating: A-

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