LeafSpa Blink Bonnie Green Tea – When In Doubt, Buy a Gift Card

LeafSpa Bonnie Blink


:LeafSpa tea review that just did not sit well with me; Blink Bonnie green tea is not steep worthy. I was first confused by the smell of thisorganic green tea from LeafSpa, as I could not put a finger on what it triggered in my brain. Bacon grease? Cod liver oil? Whatever it was; I didn’t like it. The leaves are visually appealing though. They look like little hobbit canes and wizard sticks. As for the taste, it was very rich and had a maple tinge to it, another facet for my disapproval. LeafSpa Blink Bonnie just did not float my boat.

Rating: C-


: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, out of control and into the wild, out of sync but in focus,Leafspa Blink Bonnie Organic Green tea is the spot-hitter-come-behind-taste-sensation you won’t want to miss. Taste so smooth you’ll jive and groove. My terrible attempt at honoring George Carlin may have fallen through but this organic green tea from Leafspa stands tall. One of the better non-sencha type green teas I have tried, Leafspa green tea has a certain thirst-quenching hitthespotability that other, even sometimes superior quality green teas don’t. Perhaps it is the quintessential steepability I am referring to. Regardless, this one is a winner.

Rating: A

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