Intelligentsia Morrocan Mint Tea – Flavor of Love.

Intelligentsia Mint


: Intelligentsia tea has become a recent sensation at Tea Amigos and for good reason.Intelligentsia Moroccan Mint is the 2ndIntelligentsia tea review featured here. I already know Dax is going to love it because he likes mint teaso the judgement really lies on me. Yay or nay?

A big fat yay.

Everyone and their mother knows that I like to sleep in when mint tea reviews come around. Just flip on any major news outlet or TMZ. But my distaste for mint teas is trumped with the might of a Mongolian Horde by the sheer quality of this Moroccan Mint Tea from Intelligentsia Cafe. You get bum rushed hard by the taste of anti-oxident rich green tea and minty freshness in the perfect proportion. The only peppermint I can think of that even comes close is Hyson Mint Fizz.

Rating: A


: Now this is what mint tea is supposed to taste like. Intelligentsia morrocan mint tea comes correct as ever. With origins in Chicago, they started off on the right foot with the perfect mix of green tea and peppermint, culminating in a shocking fresh mint tea that will have your nose feeing like the Swiss Alps. The color of the leaves in a perfectly heated tea press are undeniable, as is the grade that I am giving to my favoritemint tea review to date. Don’t pass this one up next time you’re at Intelligentsia. This turned more than onemint tea hater into a screaming teenage-like fan. Soo icy.

Rating: A+

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