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Intelligentsia White Melon


: This is our first Intelligentsia tea review, and won’t be the last by any means. My guy hooked me up with a couple packages of Intelligentsia loose tea, and Mike and I got to steeping their organic white melon tea. The scent of the loose tea is mellow, and upon steepage its gets a melony boost. This Intelligentsia tea put me in the way-back machine instantly. For most of my life I had a box turtle named Tut, he was the best. One of his favorite foods was cantaloupe, and after maxing his breath had a certain aroma. Long flashback short, this melonwhite tea smells like my turtle’s breath, and it made me feel good inside. I miss you Tut. Before I get emo, great sweet taste, smooth as fudge finish. cop some.

Rating: A-


: Intelligentsia white tea with melon is from this poppin’ tea cafe around chi-town aptly namedIntelligentsia. If you’ve ever been there give us a holler. I tried their melon white tea once before from a tea press and I was not impressed. That’s because to truly appreciate this brew you gotta do the au naturale drop of the leaves into your cup, fill with hot water, and proceed to pick them out of your teeth. Sure, the convenience factor is diminshed but if you truly appreciate tea, a striving teasan if you will, you will be thankful for my advice. It truly is a poppin’ tea if brewed with the correctness. A light hint of melon with the mellow white tea will seduce your taste buds and take them to bed. They will wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a note to call the hospital because their kidney was jacked. Delicious tea.

Rating: A

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