Impra Imperial Ceylon Tea – Less Mesquite For Your Daily Drink

Impra Imperial Ceylon Tea


That’s it, it’s official. Impra is my favorite daily drinker brand. Steep steeply approved, Impra Imperial Ceylon delivers a blow somewhere between a Haiduken and a Falcon Punch. Considering this is a low-budget steeption (steep-option), Impra, as usual, delivers ultimate bang for your Buckingham.

Easily pole-vaulting over an oversteep-challenge bar set at any level, Impra can be left to linger lowering your tea maintenance cost. After steeping, bring this tea up to your mouf. I recommend attempting oral entry before other orifaces because you will be unable to taste the natural sweetness present in Ceylon. Ceylon is unlike Assam or Darjeeling and has no natural mesquite component but is enjoyable nevertheless. It lacks some of the nuance of higher priced teas but you can’t get much better for a tea sold in 100 satchet boxes.

Rating: B


Mike is definitely correct with the daily drinker quality this Impra Imperial Ceylon delivers. To fully appreciate this black tea, you have to be fully versed in the characteristics of Ceylon tea. It does give you that full body that one asks for in the A.M., and also the smooth sipability that keeps intake effort at a minimum. No surprises on the backend bitterness either, as you can get like 3 full steeps out of one teabag. If you are mesquiteability maestro than you may be a tad disappointed.

There are, however, some ceylon teas that come correct with the mesquiteability, namely the rare Hedley’s Ceylon Tea, but with that added mesquiteability comes great caution for the oversteep. In its own light, Impra still shines bright. Cop a cup and steep.

Rating: B

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