Hyson Wild Yellow Mango Tea – Mike’s Feelin Fruity…..wait a minute..

Hyson Mango Tea


: Featuring the unmistakeable Hyson Teataste, Hyson Wild Yellow Mango is a symposium of fine black tea flavor with a splash of mango. There’s even a hint of mint at the finish to give your taste buds a little pat on the butt for a job well done. it’s a little sweet for my liking but perhaps that is why I’m usually not a big fruit tea fanatic. This one I can dig. Speaking of digg, digg this!

Rating: B+


: Another Hyson tea review today, and I’m going to make it short and sweet, similar to distinguished teasan Mr. Kofman. Hyson Wild Mango Tea is pretty refreshing. Hyson put a great black tea in my teacup today, the mango flavor doesn’t taste very authentic, but then again I didn’t buy this in the Phillipines. The flavored tea left a nice tingle at the finish, similar to other Hyson Teas, but cannot stack up to the freshness of Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea. I ain’t mad at you Hyson, keep it comin. Oh, and by the way, this tea is a value at 2 bucks a box. Don’t hate.

Rating: B

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