Hyson Mint Fizz – Mike Finally Says Okay

Hyson Mint Fizz


: You know the more I drink Hyson Teas, the more I am amazed at the fact that Hyson is such a little known brand. Look, I am not a fan of mint teasbut Hyson has pulled yet another fast one on me.Hyson mint fizz is a fabulous mint tea with the ideal blending of mint and actual black tea leaves in the perfect proportions. The mint teas I reluctantly drank for previous tea reviews were herbal with no actual tea content. Get that bogus bull out of here, Hyson mint tea is coming through and it’s the new mint tea in town. Best of all, you don’t get the fresh mint teataste of Crest Whitening Toothpaste left in your mouth for the next hour.

Rating: A


: I chose the Hyson mint fizz tea today for my morning tea enjoyment. As you will find out, the Hyson Tea experience begins in the marketing. I’m actually not going to spoil the packaging for you, check it yourself. Smiling, I got to steeping this mint tea and loved what I saw. Some mint herbal teas give you a bit of froth around your mug, making its presence ever so felt. The Hyson mint tea did not let me down here, nor in the flavor department. This tea is smooth as the pink panther, and has a very clean taste. The mint was not overwhelming, but when I’m drinking mint tea, I want to be hit over the head.

Rating: B+

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