Hyson Midsummer Peach Tea – On Target Like GPS

Hyson Peach


: I think Montell Jordan said it best. And i quote, “This is how we do it.” It’s not even Friday night and I feel alright thanks to Hyson Midsummer Peach. The dead of Winter can’t even stop thisflavored tea‘s shine. Hyson has black tea down to a science, and produced a quality blend for your taste buds and mine. This steep is dark, rich, potent, smells proper, tastes proper, and has that signatureHyson tea funk that will make the teasan in you do back handsprings down the aisle of the grocery store. In these staggering and unstable economic times *cough*, take the three bucks and cop some real flavored tea.

Rating: A-


: Flavored tea, especially fruit tea, is rarely done well. It is difficult to strike the all important balance between fruit and tea content. With Hyson Midsummer Peach Tea that balance has been struck and what has resulted is a superb flavored tea. Though Hyson flavored teas are hit or miss, it seems that the success rate of Hyson tea in the fruit tea department is more consistent. With this Hyson Peach tea, you experience a quality black tea brew and the taste and smell of fresh peaces circa late June when they are ripening but not quite there. Delicious.

Rating: A

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