Hyson Green Tea – Bubble Gum, Grape, or Peppermint Paste?

Hyson Green

Mike: The Tea Amigos have been doing Hyson Tea Reviews from the getgo. As such, we have a hard time hating on Hyson Teas because of their support from the very beginning. Anyway, Hyson Green Teais is a solid daily drinker green tea for the daily green tea lover. It wouldn’t take me very long to recognize this tea at all, just a few ppm on my tongue and I would blurt out “thats Hyson green,” with the quickness. How could I tell? 1. Hyson teas tend to have a sort of zestfully clean soapy tasty and texture to them, and this green tizzle is no different. Second, instead of the grassy taste of most green teas, this one is noticebly sweet. A little too sweet for my liking in fact but if you like sweet green teas then have at em hoss.

Rating: B+

Dax: When you venture away from the norm, it happens every so often that the fine balance you once hoped and dreamed for turns around and sprints as fast as possible. I figured that Hyson Green Tea was going to yield odd results, and it did. Hyson tea has already established themselves as a powerful flavored black teaproducer. When they enter the triathlon and try to make quality earl grey tea or green tea, leg cramps at the starting gate. Hyson green tea tastes like it is for kids. Kind of like when you go to the dentist and they have those sweet flavors to pick from. This is just as unpleasureable. It is sweet like corn syrup. Period. I didn’t have a hard time hating. </bogusreview>

Rating: C-

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