Hyson English Breakfast – You’ve Got to be Kidding

Hyson Breakfast


: Hyson, what the fudge was that? You tried to make me drink brown crayon shavings and pass it off as earl grey tea? How dare you. Hyson Teasusually come correct with the bold black tea base and a nice little flavor icing. This time they blew it, period. Ever ate dirt? Eat more of it, but don’t buy this wannabe breakfast tea. I’m pissed I wasted water on this.

Rating: F


: I been done said it before and I been done said it again. I generally like Hyson Tea for the price. It’s no Taylors of Harrogate or Mighty Leaf but if you’re looking for something on the mass purchase level it’s not bad. But please God, whatever you do, don’t get the Hyson English Breakfast. It’s bad. Remember playing the game as a kid at the lunch tables at school. You know the one where little Sammy mixed mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, vinegar, maple syrup, motor oil, menstrual blood, and a soggy hot dog bun and dares you to eat it? Well the teasan version of this game is withHyson English Breakfast. You don’t have to mix up a crazy concoction, just brew up some of this mess and you’re ready to. Stale aftertaste galore.

Rating: F

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