Hyson Blueberry Dew – A Hyson Tea Review

Hyson Blueberry Dew


: I let Hyson Blueberry Tea steep for about 5 minutes after my regular smell test. The smell is of dried blueberries. Have you ever tried the cereal, Blueberry Morning? It has that sort of blueberry smell to it. I don’t think I’d ever tried a Hyson Tea before today, but I noticed a funny Easter Egg. On the back, it provides detailed visual instructions on how to do something with tea. I’m not really sure whether it is to make iced tea (there are cubes of some sort in the cup) or to make sugar tea (they could be sugar cubes). The dominant flavor of this Hyson Tea is definitely black tea, and it carries the proper coloration and smell of black teas as well. The taste is refreshing and pretty delicious, but it still feels like atea that is neither here nor there. For a blueberry tea, the blueberry flavor is not pronounced enough and gives the sensation of being slightly watered down. If steeped long enough, the tea leaves a slightly acidic residue typical of black teas, which I enjoy. Overall, not a bad choice but not the best. I am looking forward to trying other Hyson Teas.

Rating: Solid B


: Okay one day some dude had some black tea on the kitchen counter, spilled blueberries on it, then said “whatevs” and brewed it anyways. Thus Blueberry Dew from Hyson was conceived. Hyson Blueberry Dew tea is very emblematic of black tea, it maintains the benchmark color scheme common to black teas, if you steep for too long it can turn super bitter like when Kanye West didn’t win a Grammy, and its flavor is satisfying to most, kind of like free money. This is my first Hyson tea, and trust me, no ground was broken this afternoon. It just tastes like regular old black tea that a blueberry sneezed in. The blueberry has little or no influence like a high school teacher in the hood, sad. “I just want regular tea, no tea with a crazy name, I got ish to do today!” Katt Williams puts it the best way, drink this tea if you want some regular drinking tea, this is it.

Rating: C

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