Hedley’s Organic Black Tea – Release the Beast, Watch for Oversteep

Hedleys Organic Black

Mike: RELEASE THE KRAKEN! That’s what I screamed a few days ago. Generally the request fell on deaf ears but Dax heard me and popped open aHedley’s Organic Black tea canister. Hedley’s black tea is a natural oversteep challenge because it doesn’t come with a string so you either gotta fish it out with a spoon or face the challenge like a man.
Lucky for you and I, this black Hedley’s Tea passes with flying colors. Obviously if you don’t like strong tea then you shouldn’t leave the bag marinating inside but if you’re a man’s man, a teasan’s teasan, then you keep with the steep like your football coach taught you. Overall, a very fresh blend with minor mesquitability undertones and invigorating flavor. Steep on Wayne.

Rating: A-

Dax: Hedley’s Organic Black Tea was a pleasant addition to our black tea review lineup. Boasting every organic and fair trade insignia possible, Hedley’s ceylon tea is asthetically pleasing and tasty. They must have spent all their funds on the pretty tin, since the teabags themselves have no string or decor. Aside from the oversteep challenge threat, the black tea is bomb. I actually had three cups of it; it was that premier. Daily drinker is almost an understatement for Hedley’s as this should be the benchmark for all black teas. Quality.

Rating: A

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