Harney & Sons Red Raspberry Tea – Beethoven’s Crab Scratch

Harney and Sons Rasp


: Herbal tea gives me the creeps. I expect most of it to taste like sugar-free Kool Aid mix. A lot of people love it though, and Celestial Seasonings is caked out because of it. I personally could do with without fake tea in my life, but my duties to TeaAmigos keep me in check. Harney and Sons put together a fine blend of hibiscus, rosehips, apple granules, raspberry leaves, and poppy flowers in theirred raspberry tea. It still opens up with that tart twang, but it doesn’t overpower its sweet finish. As the brew came to a close it took on a more sour potency that I enjoyed very much. Harney and Sons turned dirt into a dollar.

Rating: A-


: Harney and Sons Raspberry Herbal Tea came as a surprise to me because I always think of Harney and Sons as one of the standard bearers of tea. For this tea brand to take on herbal tea is like Beethoven scratching on turntables. But, you know what? A virtuoso is a virtuoso, and if turntables existed back in 19th century Vienna, Beethoven would have probably been the biggest DJ at the hottest clubs in Austria. The same is applicable to this Harney and Sons herbal tea. It beats other herbal teas with practically the same ingredients right out of the water. The taste is a slightly tart melody of raspberry flavor and floral essences. If you recall, several months back the Tea Amigos went on a Celestial Seasonings tea review binge. Their herbal teas also had hibiscus, rose hips, and lemon peel, but the taste was bogus. When it comes to raspberry tea, trust Harney & Sons.

Rating: A-

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