Harney & Sons Organic Earl Grey – Fine Symmetry and Balance

Harney and Sons Earl Grey


: After medium hiatus, the Tea Amigos are back and stronger than ever. We apologize for our absence but it was necessary to get my taste buds back in order. Anyway… As you may have noticed, Dax and I have been drinking a lot of Earl Grey Tearecently looking for the ideal. We have tried many and they are generally okay but imperfect. This one fromHarney and Sons might come the closest to the ideal Earl Grey Tea. I have always said that the secret to a good earl grey lies in two dimensions. First, you need the right bergamot to black tea ratio. Second, the base tea cannot be over fermented. The latter is usually the problem. This Harney and Sons Earl Grey Tea hits a home run in both evaluative categories. I encourage you to take this Earl Grey tea review seriously and try some of this Harney and Sons Tea. Best teas? We’ll see what Dax says..

Rating: A


: Harney and Sons Organic Earl Grey has the perfect balance and symmetry necessary for a bombearl grey tea. Usually I end up struggling to find that stability between bergamot and canvas, but man this is no joke. Such a smooth taste from Harney and Sons could only signify high quality from their brand in upcoming tea reviews. Grab this earl gray asap, and witness the illness.

Apologies for the short but sweet earl grey tea review, but Harney & Sons Tea usually gets me on point to skate, so you already know..

Rating: A+

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