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Harney Cham


: Chamomile tea will never be my choice in the evening, in the morning, or if it were the last tea on Earth. Okay a bit of an exaggeration, but chamomile burps are far from pleasurable. Harney & Sons Egyptian Chamomile takes all the hate out of the brew and POOF….. it’s all love. With a honey-esque smell, Harney and Sons put a masterpiece together without breaking a sweat. This is the first I’ve come across anything from Egypt, and I think I’m going to have to take a little trip over the pond to see what else they got. Harney and Sons Tea is a 99.999% winner when it comes to bringing the noise, and the delicate chamomile blend is in that percentile. Most of the flavor is in the back end, while up front is smooth operation. The aftertaste is token to most chamomile teas, but not as upsetting. I still won’t drink it again, but if you love chamomile, you will cash in the trust fund for this one.

Rating: A-


: If you’re looking for a quality chamomile tea, we found one for you. Check out Harney and Sons Egyptian Chamomile if you’re a chamomile tea fanatic. The flavor is intense and if you drink enough of it, you might awaken the pharoahs out of their sarcophuguses. However, if you’re someone like me who does not likepure chamomile tea even from a brand as elite as Harney and Sons tea, then necromancing will be few and far between. Regardless, the bottom line is that this is a quality chamomile tea but it comes down to whether you like it. I don’t but I’ll show it some respect in my rating nevertheless.

Rating: B

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