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Republic of Tea Double Dark Chocolate Mate

Guest Tea Reviewer – Alex Fusman

I’m no stranger to steeping teas, but I am a stranger to reviewing them. I’ve always liked trying varieties of teas that couldn’t be stranger. So don’t be a stranger, read my tea review:
When I got the opportunity to be a guest teasan here, I ran to my tea cabinet to find my favorite teas. Luckily, one of my best daily drinkers hasn’t been reviewed here yet, so the choice was clear. I present to you, the Double Dark Chocolate Mate from The Republic of Tea. In my opinion, the Republic produces mostly high quality teas, but this is one I’ve been drinking almost on a daily basis for a long time now.
Tea purists, or pure teasans, may claim that yerba mate isn’t really tea since it doesn’t come from tea leaves. Whatever your thoughts are on that matter, the fact is that you drink it just like you drink tea. Plus, this one has chocolate in it.

Double dark chocolate.

Just opening the canister you get a nice whiff of cocoa powder. So if you like chocolate, you’re sure to get a kick out of this one.
The chocolatey taste is not sweet or overpowering, but it’s definitely there and adds to the character of the beverage. It’s not especially complex, like a fruity tea might be. I’ll be honest – I could do with an even richer, denser taste. It tastes a bit watery. However, this may just be because I tend to use large mugs, which may offset the tea-to-water ratio. Overall, it’s a great tea to drink on the regular, but it’s not the exotic, flavorful treat some of you may be looking for.

Rating: B+

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