Garden of the Andes Chamomile Tea – All Niiiiice and Flowery

Garden of the Andes Chamomile


: Sitting around with the sniffles is no fun, so wen I steeped this Garden of the Andes Chamomile Tea, I was hoping for a quick cure minus thechamomile tea burps. I was gifted this Garden of the Andes tea, and immediately gave it respect due to its multilingual packaging, stating that this wasJardín de los Andes también. Seeming to be of Spanish descent, I was expecting a Tadin tea sort of feel: very potent and hit or miss. This chamomile blend was a hit. No burps, just smooth flavor that wasn’t too intense and didn’t coat my throat. Now for the bad news; I still got the sniffles.

Rating: B+


: Jardin de los Andes Manzanilla Tea, aka Garden of the Andes Chamomile Organic Herb Tea is what we like to call in the teasan life a reevaluator in that it made me rethink chamomile tea altogether. Not that it was exceptional, it had it’s faults which I will discuss later, but I just noticed certain flavors in this Manzanilla tea from Jardin de los Andes tea that had eluded me earlier. A fruity like sweetness overcame my anti-chamomile forcefield and seduced my tongue. That’s only toward the beginning of the experience. The end had a dull point as a slightly stale bitterness formally introduced itself to my buds (of taste). Overall not bad but careful of a bitterness at the finish of this chamomile tea from Garden of the Andes. Thats what’s up.

Rating: B

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