Double Koi Pomegranate White Tea – Young Splinter Approved

Double Koi White Pom Tea


: Double Koi presented us with this lovelywhite tea specimen to try and we dug in. I put some extra effort into steeping the Double Koi Pomegranate Blend, moving this spigot up and own on this loose leaf tea until all the tea juice was extracted. The steep fared better than our otherDouble Koi review, the Ginger Orange Peach Oolong Tea, coming soon. This time the potency was comparable to what happens when earth, wind, fire, water, and heart combine. A strong white tea flavor radiates very sweetly while the pomagrate splash adds some flavor strut. I’m not huge on white teabecause it always has a melonesque flavor but this one was quality.

Rating: A-


: Why is pomegranate white tea such a hit? I must have missed the memo stating that white tea and pomegranate were the new ebony and ivory. Double Koi organic pomegranate white tea brings a bold roundhouse kick to this blend, offering robust flavor in an otherwise gentle society. Be sure to steep thoroughly, as Mike and I got to sippin a bit early. Loose tea must be the bringer of freshness and flavor. Double Koi acepted the offering and delivered. Enjoy this bold blend as a joint snack with some crackers and have the pinnacle of snackage in your sights.

Rating: A

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