Double Koi Organic Rooibos Tea – The Finest Rooibos

Double Koi Rooibos


: Double Koi Rooibos is the best Rooibos Tea I’ve had, period. I am not a fan of the herb, generally but this one from Double Koi Tea may have changed my mind. This teasan tends to avoid herbal teas because they lack character and a definitive taste noteworthy enough to be cherished and appreciated. However, Double Koi’s Rooibos Tea made me appreciate a certain taste sensation unique to rooibos I had never noticed before. A very rich smell and delightful aftertaste made this one a home run. For you rooibos nuts out there, do yourself a favor and try this.

Rating: A


: If you are looking for a bomb rooibos tea, then don’t look any further than Double Koi. Double Koi organic rooibos is packed with an elegant, sophisticated, 5-tiered flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. Let me guide you through this experience. Start the journey with a good steep, but don’t get turned away by the funky smell. I got worried at this point but I knew Double Koi had my back. The first sip is like a fine cognac that delights and prepares the senses for the ride. The second flavor is like a mild cinnamon maple texture that is smooth as fudge. Third you jump into a heavy bodied rooibos flavor. Fourth is a light, smokey flavor that resembles Black n’ Milds (in a good way). Lastly is a sweet finish that will have you running back in line for another ride. If yu can get your hands on this Double Koi tea, get them all. Hopefully the TeaAmigos will make this one easy for you to taste…

Rating: A+

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