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Detox Tea


: The Coffee & Tea Exchange was the source of this abominable concoction. Detox tea is a popular brand of tea due to its cleansing properties. One would think a cleansing tea would taste a bit on the thicker, mediciny side. Folks, you couldn’t be more correct. This tea is very mysterious in color, taste, and consistency. Now, I’m not saying that a cleansing tea detox has to be a bad experience, but this one wasn’t too great to me. The herbal cleansing tea has an admirable rose tint, and is quite viscous. Tastewise, not it. Supposedly Mike’s heartburn went away because of this herbal tea, but I still wouldn’t make this the antidote for anything.

Rating: D


: Well, detox tea tastes exactly like one would expect. I filled my tea ball with some of this loose leaf tea lovin’ and submerged it into my cup. The teaball’s holes were too large, and the detox tea too fine to stay contained. As a result, the ball kept releasing tiny seeds and stems into my cup, rendering the tea disgusting. So, if you plan on drinking this herbal tea, use a very fine filter.

The taste is very pungent with a certain herb that dominates all other tastes, but I cannot put my finger on which one. Like one would expect, this herb tea tastes like medicine.

Rating: D-

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