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Ceylon Orange Spice


: Given that this is hte illest tea review blog in the game, this orange spice tea from Ceylon is the contrary. Most of the time when I take a steep of some spice tea, I get ready for a splenda-tasting disaster. I’m not a hater, but orange spice black tea rubs me the wrong way. The brand Ceylon Teais consistently smooth and rich, with delicate black teaaccents. This I do like. The orange and spice could have stayed home. Nonetheless, I wasn’t that big of a fan of this little bag of spice. NEXT.

Rating: B-


: I am not a fan of orange spice tea. The smell is usually excellent, the taste is fine, but then the aftertaste makes the tea undrinkable entirely. Storming from the island of Ceylon, modern day Sri Lanka, comes a new orange spice tea. I don’t know how Ceylon Teas did it, but they must have come up with some new technology that removes the disgusting aftertaste from this type of flavored tea. What you have left is a pretty standard black tea with a strong citrus flavor. The citrus is not lemony, however, as it is far more mild and sweetened by the “spice.” Unfortunately, like a bikini in a nude photo shoot, the orange and spice covers up the taste of the this ceylon tea too much.

Rating: B+

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