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Ceylon Raspberry


: Ceylon fruit teas are the teas that put me back on to fruit tea. Not to be redundant, but fruity teas have been on my bad side for a while now. One day Mike came up to me with some little boutique looking box of flavoured tea. My mind screamed clearance item when I saw the T.J. Maxx sticker, but of course, being the distinguished teasan that I am, I quickly got to steeping the Ceylon Raspberry Tea. Their packaging is vibrant and follows “The Way of the Department Store” look and feel, yet the raspberry tea is quite bold and expressive. It is a thinner tea, claiming more stardom in the summer months. The teabag quickly releases its raspberry-infused essence into an impressionable, full bodied tea that you’ll surely be down for. As for the actual raspberry flavor, it still leaves a bit for the imagination. From my experience with this Ceylon Tea, they make some quality herbal tea. The flavor could use a bit of a upgrade in presence.

Rating: B+


: You know, I feel conflicted in evaluating this fruit tea because it seems like a high quality flavored tea, but I’m just not a guy that digs raspberry teas. I like raspberries but the tea variant has never been my thing. However, if you are a big raspberry tea fan, Ceylon Teas definitely makes a contender. The flavor is not at all subtle, and not overbearing either which is definitely the sign of a quality tea. This Ceylon Tea brews dark which I definitely enjoy. However, it comes down to a matter of preference and I am just not a fan of raspberry tea. I guess you can say that this tea is…not my cup of tea.

Overall Rating: C+

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