Celestial Seasonings Sweet Apple Chamomile

Sweet Apple Chamomile


: This chamomile tea from Celestial Seasonings is far from unusual. It’s everything you would expect from a tea with the following words in the title: sweet, apple, chamomile. As someone whose word associations with chamomile are “black death”, “Hitler”, and “IRS”, it is difficult for me to givechamomile teas an objective review, but I’ll do my best. The dominant flavor is clearly chamomile. It permeates every taste bud in your mouth, letting its presence be known. If a taste bud tries to run or hide, it is executed immediately. There is a slight hint of green apple as well. This is something that I like about this tea, the particular addition of green apple, as opposed to red or yellow, and it gives it a slightly tart tinge that would probably make this tea highly enjoyable for most, and bearable for some (namely me).

If you love chamomile, then this tea could be great for you. For me though…

Overall rating: D-


: There’s always been a stigma towards chamomile teas: more or less they taste like garbage juice off of a truck in NYC. Well…probably not that bad, but they do have their crappy days. Abolishing all myths that have been intercepted by my ears, I tried a Sweet Apple Chamomile blend from Celestial Seasonings that was offered from my roommate. The apple flavoring is very delightful, and compliments its soft, sweet finish. Celestial Seasonings has officially changed my thinking about chamomile teas, I will give peace a chance. Nonetheless, I recommend this tea, possibly with a touch of honey or some of the Honey Tea kibbles from Assi Brand. You’ll be moderately hyped.

Rating: B+

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