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Celestial Seasoning Cranberry Apple


: Dax and I have been on a bout of trying out all these Celestial Seasonings herbal teas, of which I am not the biggest fan because I prefer my tea to be tea. The story is no different here. If you like fruit tea, you will dig this herbal tea. It’s very sweet, yet again, with the usual subtle tastes of rose bud and hibiscus, nothing original here. A little sour with a faint hint of bitterness toward the finish, Celestial Seasoning Cranberry Apple Zinger promises an unexciting tea drinking experience from an unexciting assortment of teas.

Rating: B-


: Once again a Celestial Seasonings zinger has crossed my path. This time it is their Cranberry Apple variation. Actually I was shocked at this herbal tea, as its light, tart flavor was very refreshing. The smell is very fragrant and remind me of Fuji apples. The apple flavoring appears first, and as I swish this cranberry apple tea around, I sense the cranberry flavor more and more. Celestial Seasonings should have called it apple cranberry tea just for this fact, but hey, who’s counting?

Rating: B

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