California Tea House Silver Needle Tea – Time For Depends

Cali Silver Needle


: California Tea House seems to be hitting a key demographic of tea drinkers with their Silver Neede White Tea. Actually, before I get into thisCalifornia Tea House review, big ups to those folks for their samples. Silver Needle tea is wholesome, and it’s hard to find a better term. The white teabase, and all subsidiaries, are quite elderly to say the least. Ok I’ll stop beating around the rooibos and just come out with it, it takes like a tea in its golden years. The Golden Girls probably sipped it on the air. I’m not saying the Silver Needle tea is bad, it just has that geezer in it. Extra points for the shimmering tea leaf presentation.

Rating: B


: California Tea House Silver Needle White Tea is the kind of white tea that causes multiple impressions. I first steeped the beast and was a little confused. It didn’t taste as fresh as it smelled or looked. I consulted my teasan Amigo Dax over his thought. Perhaps my white teasanability was giving out and I needed some Distinguished Teasan opinion.
2 teasans are better than one. Dax and I agreed that this California Tea House Tea tasted geriatric, like something you’d find being served at a nursing home. I come back an hour later and try this white tea brew cold. Totally different experience. A complete turnaround full of flavor and steepability. Give this California Tea House White tea a try just let it sit idle for a bit.

Rating: A-

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