Bigelow Sweet Dreams – Chamomile Collides with Mint

Bigelow Sweet Dreams


: Sweet Dreams Herb Tea from Bigelow Teasis both a mint tea, and a chamomile tea that possesses the benefits of each. It’s an ideal balance because neither flavor is overpowering, which I usually find to be the problem with both chamomile teasand mint teas. I am not a fan of chamomile, in fact, I was once in a punk rock band called Rage Against the Chamomile. We were big in the early 90s. I should add this to my bio. Anyway, this chamomile flavored tea was pretty good.

Overall Rating: B+


Bigelow Tea Reviews once again, and this time chamomile tea graces my presence with its mysterious flavor. This time it’s Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herb Tea. This “relaxing blend of chamomile and mint” is reminiscent of many other herbal teas that I’ve had in the genre. Bigelow Sweet Dreams has a very rosy body with mint graces dalloped in the high end of the spectrum. I got a chilly tongue while drinking this herbal tea, probably the spearmint leaves that are in the mix. The aroma follows suit with its texture, a very deep and rose-inspired. I am not too big on chamomile teas, but this one will satisfy chamomile tea lovers out there.

Rating: B

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