Bigelow Orange & Spice Tea – Set the Record Straight

Bigelow Orange and Spice


: I’ve tried orange spice tea before and it tasted like toilet. I got all hyped to try it because it smelled so good, and then wham. The sharpest contrast between smell and taste of all time it was. As you can imagine, I approached this Bigelow Tea with reluctance.

I was pleasantly surprised, however. The smell resembles something reminiscent of Chai Tea, and the taste does not have a thick, disgusting residue like the previous orange spice tea I had tried. The orange flavor is faint and not overbearing, and yet the tea does not taste watered down. Thanks to thisBigelow Tea review for getting me to rethink orange spice teas.

Rating: B+


: I have had a rough history with Orange & Spice tea. The last few I was unable to finish because for some reason they remind me of medicine. This Bigelow Tea Review, is a different story.

Bigelow tea decided to break the all popular trend of making disgusting orange and spice teas by removing the chamomile and other ingredients that inhibited the taste. What is left is an herbal tea that emits a pleasant, rose-orange smell that is corroborated by the taste. Mildly tart, lightly bitter, and slightly spicy, thisBigelow Herb Tea manages to have a lightly flavored, yet not watered down sort of taste. The one negative remark is that there is a bitter remnant, possibly from the orange peel in the ingredients. This Bigelow tea reviews as a…

Overall Rating: B+

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  • Jordan says:

    This is very good. It was a perfect afternoon pick me up. I might steep mine longer next time. I did not detect a bitterness at the end, but that might be because of the steepage time.

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