Bigelow Mint Medley Keeps It Cool



: Bigelow Mint Medley is an mint herbal tea that is a lot more interesting than other peppermint teas I’ve encountered. Most have had nothing but peppermint leaves but this Bigelow Tea features other ingredients, such as spearmint leaves, rose hips, and hibiscus that really give this mint tea a unique twang. It leaves your breath smelling fresh, and 3/12 dentists agree that Bigelow Mint Tea is an ideal substitute for brushing your teeth or flossing. In all seriousness, as someone who does not enjoy mint teas, this one was a pleasure to consume for today’sBigelow tea review.

Rating: B+


: I like my mint tea a big stronger than most, and fortunately the slight dull flavor of Bigelow Mint Medley herb tea did the best it could. Extra This cup of tea was pretty basic, no highlight reel, no Stuart Scott commentary. I love fresh mint tea, so I can’t argue with Bigelow. They did add lemon peel and hibiscus to the peppermint leaves, giving it a crisp, tangy bite. A pretty decent mint tea, and I repeat the recommendation to enjoy a nice peppermint tea with spicy food, such as steak tacos with extra green sauce and jalapenos. Tasty way to end this tea review blog post.

Rating: B

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