Bigelow English Breakfast Tea – Starter or Standard?

Bigelow EB


: It has been a hot minute since theTeaAmigos embarked on a Bigelow Tea journey. I can’t help but say that I am quite excited to steep up on their rendition of English Breakfast tea. At first sight it is a dark, bold blend, despite the steeping antics of the Gifted Teasan Mike. When’s the last time you brewed up some breakfast tea with a hospital mask? I didn’t think so. Well, Bigelow English Breakfast is the hotness. I let out one of those token “Mmmmm!” as soon as it hit my lips. Not at all heavy on the mesquite black tea taste,Bigelow Breakfast Tea is a sweet blend that hits you in all the right areas. A slight honey taste is present, and I’m not talking about some Assi Brand honeyed tea. Pure flavor perfection, and a must taste for you teasans taking notes at home. Holler at this.

Rating: A+


: I just talked with Dax about this Bigelow tea. He says it changed the game. I say it was benched and got 2 minutes of time on the court prior to being subbed out for poor perfomance. Bigelow English Breakfast is about as orthodox of tea as you can get. Very middle of the road, run of the mill, classic, and bland. I taste nothing different in Bigelow English Breakfast than in your standard breakfast tea. This is below daily drinker quality in my opinion.

Rating: C+

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