Assi Brand Instant Honey Chrysanthemum Tea – Sweet

Assi Brand Honey Tea


: A little trip to the Korean store introduced me to Assi Brand Chrysanthemum Tea. This instant tea is shocking to say the least. First off, it’s instant tea, something I am very unfamiliar with. Second, the loose tea is in the form of tiny nuggets that look like Grape Nuts, making it not even tea. Thirdly, this “glucose-enhanced” herbal tea wannabe is SWEET, and not the Cartman sweet.

After emptying the rather hefty packet of tea kibbles into my cup, I was enthralled by the disciplined, oriental smell. The taste that followed was an intense honey overload. Tea with honey is good, but this is sweet tea on crack. I did the “drink half then add more water” trick three times and this bad boy was still sweet as fudge. I would recommend using between ¼ to ½ of a packet for best results. If you like extra sweet tea, this honey chrysanthemum tea from Assi brand is for you. Otherwise, keep it moving.

Rating: B+


: Dax and I went down to a local Korean store to look for some unique teas but we were disappointed to find a limited selection. One tea that caught our eye was this Chrysanthemum tea from Assi Brand. I know nothing else about it because there is nothing else written in English on the box except for the following:

Assi Brand Chrysanthemum Tea (Honeyed) is a speciality (spelled as is on box) of oriental, which is scientifically processed from premium choices of Chrysanthemum and Honey that is enriched with glucose and vitamins. With its own unique flavor, the delicious and nutritious (spelled as is on box) tea is ideal for home and travel.

You open a packet full of strange pellets, dump them into a cup, add hot water, and they magically disappear. This is what they call instant tea I guess. The smell is best described as “Asian,” neither good nor bad, just Asian. I found it interesting that they enrich the tea with glucose, something that is usually not highlighted on American products. It’s far more common to see “sugar free” or “no sugar added” than “we added sugar.”

If you enjoy honey, and I do, you will enjoy this tea. Simple as that, it tastes much like hot honey water with a few herbs. You can also taste the “glucose enhancement” in this honey tea because it’s damn sweet.

Overall Rating: B

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