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Allegro Yerba


: Allegro Tropical Yerba Mate is some new tea Dax picked up at Whole Foods. We have yet to do any Allegro Tea Reviews but there’s a first time for a tea in it’s prime. We haven’t reviewed very manyYerba Mate tea either. Anyway, I can’t say the usual about this organic tea. It’s not poppin, just average. Maybe I don’t yet have an affinity for Yerba Mate or maybe I oversteeped it, or maybe this one fromAllegro tea just ain’t that good. Try for yourself; they’re giving ‘em out for free at Whole Foods.

Rating: C+


: During a business meeting at Whole Foods, I stumbled upon some generic looking teas by the name of Allegro. I soon found out that they were free samples, so I copped the set for me and the homey to get our tea ratings on. First up is their tropical yerba mate. Tropical is the key word here, because this puppy is as sweet as can be. Allegro tea didn’t skimp on the yerba either, making this tea a luxurious steep. Generic packaging never steeped so good. I’m a fan.  Mike quit hatin.

Rating: A

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