Allegro Decaf Green Tea – Jitter-Free Green Tea

Allegro Decaf Green


: Allegro Decaffeinated Green Tea is like a Renaissance era male opera singer who had his testicles removed to maintain the ability to sing in an ultra high pitch. By decaffeinating this green tea, Allegro removed any strength it might have had in taste and flavor. Embarrassingly emasculated,Allegro decaf green tea retains none of it’s character. Instead, it is a tasteless, unfresh brew, like most decaf teas. To be avoided…

Rating: F


: Wow, hate illustrated in tea review form. Well, we haven’t reviewed that many decaf teas as of recently, and don’t fret as there isn’t a reason for it. Sometimes you want to keep everything original. Taking away the caffeine from a green tea tells me that it underwent some crazy process. You can’t take the bark out of the dog, as you shouldn’t. Nonetheless, Allegro Tea has processed a decaf green tea that they coin is “ultra-mellow”. The tea ratings are in, and I say Allegro decaf green tea is okay in my book. Sometimesdecaf green tea just tastes different, and you can only find this outlying factor in a decaffeinated tea. The flavor is indeed “diet” but to me is like drinking Diet Coke. Sometimes you just want to taste the flavors, or the lack thereof. By no means is this a premier steep, but don’t be afraid of this one if you are in Whole Foods and your aunt needs her green tea sans jitter-juice.

Rating: B-

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