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Allegro Breakfast


: I am down with breakfast tea, first and foremost. That early morning blast of black tea and mesquiteability is usually enough to get me going until the next steep. Allegro tea put their breakfast blend in front me and I had to get down. As I usually welcome breakfast tea reviews, this one was missing a little something. The boldness was present, but the backend was left empty and emotional, only to pity in the lack of breadth that Allegro put into this. Oh well, Allegro tea has got a little bit of work to do to fill this void.

Rating: B-


: Allegro Breakfast Blend is an organic breakfast tea of pretty average quality. Copped from Whole Foods like the other Allegro teas, this blend is probably the equivalent of English breakfast tea rather thanScottish Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea, or Continental Breakfast tea. That last one does not exist. Anyway, the quality is average and there’s a lack of the mesquiteability I normally seek out in breakfast teas. A pleasant herbaliffic sensation graces your tongue which makes this Allegro tea a solid daily drinker.

Rating: B

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