Michael Kofman – Gifted Teasan – mike AT teaamigos.com

Renowned tea aficionado and brewed beverage expert Michael was unleashed from the womb in Minsk, Belarus in 1986, tea capitol of the Soviet Union. Within hours he was chugging nutrient-filled tea straight from the teet (first exposure to Earl Grey). At the age of three, shortly after earning his green belt in Tea-Kwon-Do and purple belt in Karatea, Michael and his family were forced to flee the Soviet Union as a result of the tea famine of 1989. It was terrible.

Michael razed all societal and self-imposed boundaries and immediately found a job in marketing. Unfortunately, the company he works for is not tea affiliated. Soon after, Dax, a fellow marketing and tea guru, joined the company. Their passion for both tea and marketing culminated in this website.


Dax Miller – Distinguished Teasan – dax AT teaamigos.com

As a young boy, Dax was destined to acheive teasan status.  Born in Rockford, Illinois, green tea was his drink of choice, and accepted no substitute.  At the age of 10 he authored a 37-page comprehensive investigation on the Boston Tea Party, while simultaneously directing the screenplay.  Throughout his scholastic career, his teaconsumptioned was tamed, while skateboarding, producing, DJing, and overall excellence took precedence.

As a marketer, Dax understands the need for the companionship of an specialty tea.  The tea culture has since overtaken his every thought, move, and desire.  Many types of teas have graced his palette, and tea divinity has never been so close. See his profiles on Twitter and Google+.

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  • Looking for reviewers! Where can we send some tea for you to review on your site?

  • ALiSA says:

    Hey guys!

    Have you ever tried Lipton’s citrus, tropical, lemon, Indian Chai that they sell in Europe? If so whats your review on it, just asking out of curiosity :) I am tea lover as well and they are one of my favorites and I couldn’t find them on your homepage. Another absolute favorite is Choice Organic Chai Spice.

    Love the website.


  • Safiya says:

    Great work guys, this site is so easy to navigate and the list of reviews keeps growing :)
    Where can I send tea for you to review? Send me an email if possible


  • Hi,

    Stumbled upon your site and absolutely love it! You’ve done a fantastic job. Based on the reviews, you seem to have really enjoyed the Ahmad Tea blends. I’d love to send you some of our newer flavors, especially from our Green teas and Herbal infusions. Please let me know how to send samples for review.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Hi
    It a lovely site to sight one on teas
    This Darjeling Tea lover wants to know how you happen to accept the teas for reviews.

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